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Here at Turtleshell Press, we believe that authors should be in charge of their book. Totally in charge.

Turtleshell (yup, one word!) Press began as a fledgling idea:

What if there was a one-stop shop that could help authors, writers, and creators overcome the obstacles in getting their work to market?

We sat down, brainstormed a little bit, and came up with this. We're not a publishing house, nor do we intend to be. In the “new world” of indie publishing, it's never been easier for the DIY-er to “do it themselves.”

However, not everyone is a “DIY-er.” 

That's where we come in. Even if you want to do everything yourself — write, edit, design, lay out, format, submit, publish, and market your work — you might not have the time. As a writer, you probably know that there's much more to writing than just the writing process.

At Turtleshell Press, we're all about connecting you with someone who can help you through the next phase of your project. Need a cover? We've got award-winning designers! Want to know how to prepare and submit a manuscript as an eBook? We've got you covered.

Let us help you get to “The End.”

Not just “the end” of the book, but “the end” of the preparation, launch, and marketing of it. We'll get you set up with a one-on-one consultant, who can walk you through the fundamentals of a book project, or can help you through whatever phase you're in. Give us a call at (719) 445-6999, send us an email, or shoot us a Tweet — let's figure out how we can work together!

Also, here's a list of the kinds of things we're really good at:

  • Cover design (paperback, hardcover, and eBook)
  • Interior design (for books, not houses!)
  • Editing
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Web design
  • Technical stuff
  • Printing (need some bookmarks?)

And in case you want to know the boring details:

Founded in 2012, Turtleshell Press started as an extension of the writing and “life hacking” blog LiveHacked.com. The owner, Nick Thacker, began working on a freelance basis with authors and writers through the blog and in person, and realized the increasing demand for these types of projects.

All it took was a few late nights, a lot of caffeine and Mountain Dew, and a plan, and Turtleshell Press came to be!

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    1. Sorry — my phone died. I left a message with my personal cell #. Give me a call!

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